Zen Cannabonsai

Learn how to grow cannabonsai, the art of growing both Autoflower and Regular bonsai-style cannabis plants.

Zen Cannabonsai is the home of High Times featured horticulture artist Patrick Kilcoyne’s tutorials and blog on all things Cannabonsai.

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Zen Cannabonsai

Videos: How to Grow Cannabonsai

This collection is from a 10 Part Series on YouTube. Feel free to drop any questions you may have in the comments!

How to Grow a Mother Cannabonsai
how to grow a roots over rock cannabonsai
How to Grow Roots Over Rock Cannabonsai
how to make organic soil for growing weed for free
How to Make Free Cannabis Super Soil
how to grow an autoflower cannabonsai
How to Grow an Autoflower Cannabonsai
Zen Cannabonsai Episode 4
Autoflower Cannabonsai Tutorial
how to water and trim a cannabonsai
How to Water, Shape, & Trim a Cannabonsai
Zen Cannabonsai Episode 4 how to grow a cannabonsai from clone
How to Grow a Cannabonsai From Clone
How I Grow Bonsai Cannabis - Start Here
Zen Cannabonsai episode 10 autoflower cannabonsai harvest
Autoflower Cannabonsai Harvest

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Just a guy who loves bonsai and weed, but hasn't filled out his bio yet.

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"What is cannabonsai? Cannabonsai is the art of growing bonsai-style or inspired cannabis plants."
Patrick Kilcoyne Cannabonsai Horticulture Artist
Patrick Kilcoyne
— High Times Featured Artist

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